Scissor Arch

Linocut print of Wells Cathedral scissor arch

This linocut print is of the Wells Cathedral scissor arch. Medieval Cathedrals took an extraordinarily long time to build and often had to be rebuilt or redesigned when things didn’t work out as planned. Wells Cathedral’s Scissor Arches are not modern, as most people realise, but they were not part of the original design.

In the 13th century the original central tower was damaged by an earthquake. The rebuilding took decades to complete, but then cracks began to appear. The new, higher tower was too heavy for the foundations and piers below, the extra weight could have caused a collapse.

The Scissor arches were added between 1338 and 1348 by master mason William Joy, to brace the piers. The masons who built the Cathedral were masters of their craft, and they knew their materials well. In building the cathedrals they pushed materials to the limit and sometimes beyond.

Measuring 30 x 40cm, this is a five colour reduction print.

Ref no: A002

Price: £180

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