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Nature prints

You can see more information about the prints shown below by clicking on the images. To order any of the prints shown here, simply contact me, with the reference number of each print you are interested in.


Linocut print of ammonites at Kilve Beach

A two colour linocut print of ammonites at Kilve Beach. Ref no: N001

Somerset Pelican

Linocut print of a Somerset pelican

A multiple colour, linocut print of a Somerset Pelican, the Dalmatian pelican was once a native of the UK. Ref no: N002

Temperate Rainforest

Linocut print of a temperate rainforest

A multiple colour linocut print of a stream running through a temperate rainforest. Ref no: N003


Linocut print of trilobite fossils

A two colour linocut print of trilobite fossils. Ref no: N004

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