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Kilve Beach, Rocks and Shale

Reference number 0041.
Kilve Beach, Rocks and Shale

20x30cm printed on Somerset paper £150

A five colour reduction linocut print of rocks and shale on Kilve Beach, Somerset. Printed on St Cuthbert's Somerset paper. Kilve beach is a Site of Special Scientific Interest on the North Somerset coast. There are many reasons why I am attracted to it as a subject. The natural patterns created by the action of tide and waves are always fascinating. This print shows large wave-rounded and eroded rocks collected in dips in the sloping beds of shale. There is something fitting about building up a print in layers to represent a scene where layers of rock are being taken away by erosion. The rocks at Kilve are from the Jurassic, the fossils found here are over 145 million years old.

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